In the past ten years, nearly 200 police officers have lost their lives in the call of duty as a result of automobile accidents on America’s highways.  Most of these fatalities occur while officers are acting as “First Responders”- assisting motorists in roadside occurrences and in helping road crews as they work to improve roadway conditions.
First Responders usually attempt to prevent these unexpected fatalities and injuries by  using strategies such as positioning and parking emergency vehicles in ways that would deflect accidents with passing vehicles and by using lighting such as mounted LED lights on their vehicles to add visibility for the roadside scene.


The loss of lives on the roadway has an undeniable impact on the conditions of our communities and the deaths and injuries often extend beyond law enforcement to include the lives of road workers, DOT personnel, and even school bus drivers and children. Until recently, no proactive technology was implemented that would give First Responders and other transportation professionals more awareness during roadside assists and provide a solution to mitigate these tragic and unfortunate incidents.

Demo- Responder's Alert System (Audible)

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